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Beer coasters (German Bierdeckel) - Stands for beer mug or beer glass designed to prevent beer and moisture that condenses on the outer walls , on the surface of the table . Made from a special liquid-absorbing ( hygroscopic ) cardboard. The thickness of absorbent cardboard varies from 0.9 to 2.5 mm, a weight of 5 g and '10 coasters is a disposable product . Form usually round (diameter 107 mm), or square with rounded corners.

Coasters are usually applied on advertising beer brands , pubs , sports and special events. Also, beer mats or a coffee cup called the fire (born coaster) or birmat (born beermat)..

In contrast, coasters made of cardboard coasters are made of leather. Material - bovine leather treated with a special chemical composition having a water repellent. Thickness coasters leather ranges from 1.8 mm to 5.5 mm . This is a reusable coasters .

Tegestologiya (Latin tegetis - mat ) - a term that defines a collection coasters dealing with these people called tegestologistami . Especially popular is a hobby in Germany.

The collection includes coasters:

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